Aks Novel by M.A Rahat

Aks Novel by M.A Rahat, a gripping Urdu novel following Danish, a privileged young man confronted with an unexpected engagement. Dive into this tale of love, duty, and self-discovery, now available for free PDF download.

Aks Novel by M.A Rahat PDF Download

Story of Aks Novel by M.A Rahat:

“Aks (عکس)” is a social Urdu novel penned by the renowned writer M.A Rahat.It’s about a guy named Danish who grew up rich and pampered. His parents surprise him by arranging his marriage to their friend’s daughter without asking his opinion. Danish doesn’t want to marry her, so he says no. This decision starts a journey for Danish where he learns more about himself and what society expects from him.

In short, If you enjoy reading social and romantic Urdu novels, “Aks” by M.A Rahat is a perfect pick for you.

M.A Rahat stands tall as a celebrated Urdu novelist, having crafted numerous mystery, thriller, action, and adventure novels. His compelling narratives, often featuring supernatural elements, have captivated Urdu readers worldwide.

Among his most acclaimed works are “Kala Jadu,” “Ajaib Khana,” “Aatish,” and “Samandar Ka Beta” & “Akal Sagar“. Here, on this site, you have the opportunity to delve into the entire collection of Urdu novels penned by M.A Rahat. Explore the intriguing worlds he has masterfully created and embark on unforgettable literary journeys.

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Basic Info About the Novel:

Book NameAks (عکس)
AuthorM.A Rahat
EditionComplete 1st Edition
File TypePDF
No. of Pages207 pages in total
File SizeApprox. 6 MB’s

Aks Novel by M.A Rahat PDF Download:

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