Best of Umera Ahmed Novels List – Updated 2024

Wondering around to find all of the best Umera Ahmed Novels, the famous and talented novel’s write of Pakistan in One place, you are on the right spot. In this article, we are going to share a complete and compact list of Novels by Umera Ahmed – Updated 2024.

Best of Umera Ahmed Novels List – Updated 2024

Before proceeding to the best of novels list by Umera Ahmed, below is a quick intro to the writer:-

Intro to Umera Ahmed:

Umera Ahmed (عمیرہ احمد) stands as one of today’s most renowned and widely-read authors in Urdu fiction, excelling both as a novelist and a screenplay writer.

She holds a Masters’s degree in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She initially embarked on her career as an English language lecturer at Army Public College, Sialkot, where she taught O and A level students. However, she eventually chose to step away from this role to fully dedicate herself to her writing.

Umera Ahmed’s writing journey began in 1998 when she was quite young. Her early tales found a home in monthly Urdu digests before being compiled into books. Throughout her career, she has produced an impressive body of work, including around 16 books that encompass full-length novels and collections of short stories. Yet, it was her masterpiece, “Peer-e-Kaamil (S.A.W)” that truly established her distinctive literary identity.

Best of Umera Ahmed’s Novels List – Updated 2024

Here is the detailed list of Novels written by Umera Ahmed. For each novel, a quick download button is given for accessing the PDF version of the novel.

1. Peer-e-Kamil:

Peer-e-Kamil is a socio-romantic novel written by the author. It is the novel, which became the reason behind the popularity of Umairah Ahmed.

peer-e-kamil-novel-in-pdf-by-umera ahmed
Peer-E-Kamil by Umera Ahmed

2. Shehr e Zaat:

Shehr-e-Zaat is a spiritual fiction, romantic urdu novel by Umera Ahmed. It is among of the best novels by Umera Ahmed.

Shehr E Zaat Novel by Umera Ahmed in PDF

3. Hasil Novel:

Umera Ahmed’s acclaimed Hasil as one of the best writing piece of her. It is spiritual fiction novel.

Hasil Novel by Umera Ahmed

4. La Hasil:

La Hasil Novel is the sequel of the firstly famous novel “Hasil” of umera ahmed. The stories of these novels are somehow linked.

La Hasil Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

5. Aks Novel:

Aks (عکس ) is among one of the best novels by Umera Ahmed. It is a masterpiece showing the unique writing style of her.

Aks Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

6. Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota:

Umera Ahmed Novels list is incomplete without “Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota ایسا کبھی نہیں ہوتا“. The story of the novel represent the intellectual story telling of her.

Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota Novel by Umera Ahmed

7. Alif Novel:

Alif (الف) is a spiritual fiction novel based on religious theme. It beautifully shows that all aspects of Love only belong to Alif (the only one creator – Allah).

Alif Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

8. Amar Bail:

Amar Bail is yet another famous writing of her. It was firstly released in episodes in one of the famous Monthly Digest of Pakistan.

Amar Bail Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

9. Abhi to Maat Baqi Hai:

Abhi to Maat Baqi Hai is another addition to Umera Ahmed Novels List. It added value to the writing carrier of Umairah Ahmed.

Abhi to Maat Baqi Hai Novel by Umera Ahmed

10. Bas Ik Dagh-e-Nidamat:

Full of the socio-romantic novel theme, Bas Ik Dagh-e-Nidamat stand out in best pieces of Urdu Literature, written by Umairah Ahmed.

Bas Ik Dagh-e-Nidamat Novel by Umera Ahmed

11. Band Kuwaron K Aage:

From short stories to highly engaging readability, Umairah Ahmed, has written a vast collection of novels, on various topics including the social topics and spiritual along with romantic themes. Band Kawaron K Aage is yet another addition.

Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel by Umera Ahmed

12. Ab Mera Intezar Kar:

Ab mera intezar kar is among the back to back success writings of Umairah Ahmed. It adds taste and popularity to the writing work of the writer.

Ab Mera Intezar Kar

Compact List of Umera Ahmed Novels:

Below is the curated and compact list of best novels by Umera Ahmed.

  • Peer-e-Kamil (پیر کامل)
  • Shehr-E-Zaat (شہر ذات)
  • Hasil (حاصل)
  • La-Hasil (لا حاصل)
  • Aks (عکس)
  • Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota (ایسا کبھی نہیں ہوتا)
  • Alif (الف)
  • Amar Bail (امر بیل)
  • Abhi to Maat Baqi Hai (ابھی تو مات باقی ہے)
  • Bas Ik Dagh-e-Nidamat (بس اک داغ ندامت)
  • Band Kuwarron K Aage (بند کواڑوں کے آگے)
  • Ab Mera Intezar Kar (اب میرا انتظار کر)

Final Thoughts:

As we wrap up our exploration of the best Umera Ahmed novels of 2024, we’re reminded of the lasting impact her stories leave on readers. From the captivating plots to the relatable characters, each novel showcases Ahmed’s talent for storytelling. Whether you found solace in her words or were inspired by her narratives, we hope you’ve discovered new favorites to cherish. As we eagerly await Ahmed’s future works, we’re grateful for the opportunity to embark on this literary journey together.

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