Best of Nimra Ahmed Novels List

Do you wondering for Best of Nimra Ahmed Novels List? Well, you just reached to the right spot. Here we have shared All Best Novels by Nimra Ahmed, right after the intro of the writer.

Nemrah Niazi widely known Pakistani Novelist Nimra Ahmed is highly creative Urdu writer. She has written many of the great novels on social based, and loved based themes. She born in Bhakkar District of Punjab, Pakistan. She started writing at younger age, while doing her studies side by side. She has done Masters in English literature, while she earned her fame as a Urdu writer. Below is the list of Novels written by her.

Nimra Ahmed Novels List

Complete List of Novels by Nimra Ahmed:

Below is complete Nimra Ahmed Novels list, one after one, along with a downloadable button to the PDF resource novel. You will definitely find these stories awesome, if you want to read some quality based writings.

1. Jannat K Pattay:

Jannat K Pattay

2. Namal:

Namal Novel

3. Mushaf:

Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed

4. Sans Sakin Thi:

Sans Sakin Thi Urdu Novel

5. Haalim:

Halim Novel by Nimra Ahmed

6. Pahari Ka Qaidi:

Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel

7. Paras:

Paras Novel by Nimra Ahmed Niazi

8. Wo Mera Hai:

Wo Mera Hai Novel

9. La Pata:

Lapata Nove by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Lapata Novel

10. Mehr-Un-Nisa:

Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

11. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika:

Beli Rajputan Ki Malika Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Beli Rajputan Ki Malika Novel

12. Ahmaq Tamashai:

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

13. Meray Khwab Meray Jugno:

Mere Khawab Mere Jugno Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Mere Khawab Mere Jugno Novel

14. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal:

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Compact Nimra Ahmed Novels List:

Below is a compact list of famous novels by Nimra Ahmed for your easiness

  1. Jannat K Pattay (جنت کے پتے)- A socio love based story
  2. Namal (نمل) – A real story based novel
  3. Mushaf (مصحف) – Religious, Islamic based story Novel
  4. Sans Sakin Thi (سانس ساکن تھی) – A social theme based novel (her first ever novel)
  5. Haalim (حالم) – A modern time travel based story
  6. Pahari Ka Qaidi (پہاڑی کا قیدی) – A socio maternal love based novel
  7. Paras (پارس) – A social relatives based theme novel
  8. Wo mera Hai (وہ میرا ہے) – A novel based on the women’s life difficulties.
  9. La Pata (لا پتہ) – A sad sociao theme based story
  10. Mehr-un-Nisa (مہرالنساہ) – Romantic sad love story based novel
  11. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika (بیلی راجپوتاں کی ملکہ) – a story on the couragious queen of rajputan
  12. Ahmaq Tamashai (احمق تماشائی) – a thrilling short story based novel of a imprisioned child
  13. Mery Khuwab Mery Jugno (میرے خواب میرے جگنو) – Social theme based story
  14. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal (قراقرم کا تاج محل) – A travelouge love based novel

End Point:

That’s all, I hope, you will find these novels good for your reading. Keeping visiting us for more of the awesome novels.

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