Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF(احمق تماشائی) is a short story, which was compiled with powerful thoughts. The story was published in local monthly digest named “Pakeeza Digest” in the edition of February, 2012. The story is too short, and was completed in one episode.

Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

Summary/Story of Ahmaq Tamashai Novel:

The plot of the story begins from the introduction to two brothers, who work as a publisher at a local newspaper. They are old, and living all alone in their house. They write coloms for the newspaper on the daily basis. The story begins, when one night they saw, some girl siging in the balcony of their neighbour. Day after that, they get to know that a new family has shifted to their neighbourhood.

The main character of the story are “Christopher” and “Kathy”. Their mother imprisoned them in their own house. The author’s take bold step to get them flee away from the prison of their mother.

The whole story is very itneresting and you can read it in a single sitting. You should definitely go through it, If you are fan such a thrilling stories.

Nimra Ahmed, a literary sorceress, weaves enchanting tales that dance between reality and imagination, captivating readers with her mastery of words and the art of storytelling. With each stroke of her pen, she crafts worlds where emotions breathe and characters come alive, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who embark on the journey through her narratives. Some of her creative world include Lapata, Mehr-un-Nisa, Mushaf, Haalim, and Pahari Ka Qaidi.

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Info About Ahmaq Tamashai Novel by Nimra Ahmed:

Book NameAhmaq Tamashai (احمق تماشائی)
WriterNimra Ahmed
Edition1st Edition
File TypePDF
No. of Pages10
File Size11.58 Mb’s

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