Angaray Novel by Iqbal Kazmi

“Angaray Novel by Iqbal Kazmi PDF Download” is an action-packed adventure story written by the well-known Urdu author, Iqbal Kazmi. It was first published in a monthly magazine, with new chapters released regularly. Later on, it was compiled into two paperback books. This story is one of the most famous works by Iqbal Kazmi.

Angary Novel by Iqbal Kazmi

Story of Angaray Novel by Iqbal Kazmi:

Angaray Novel by Iqbal Kazmi (انگارے) tells the tale of a courageous young man who stands up against the cruelty of the Hindu army and thugs in Indian-occupied Kashmir. In Kashmir, life has been made unbearable by the Indian troops. Some brave young individuals, tired of enduring injustice, come together to fight against these oppressive forces.

The narrative of “Angaray” also sheds light on the traitors within, who betray their country and their principles for personal gain. These individuals prioritize their own interests over the well-being of their homeland. They are the true enemies of the nation and need to be dealt with firmly.

Iqbal Kazmi, the author of “Angaray,” is renowned for his prolific contributions to Urdu literature, particularly in the genres of thrillers and adventure based urdu novels. Through his writing, he tackles various social issues that pose threats to the integrity of our homeland. On this website, you can find a collection of Iqbal Kami’s Novels. Some of his most widely known novels include Aathis Fishan, Maafia, Zindan, and Gardab.

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Angaray Novel by Iqbal Kazmi PDF Download:

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