Best of Mehwish Ali Novels List PDF – Updated 2024

Wondering around to find all of the best of Mehwish Ali Novels List, the famous and talented novel’s writer of Pakistan in One place, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to share a complete and compact list of all the novels written by her.

Best of Mehwish Ali Novel’s List

Before, moving forward, let’s have some basic Intro to the Writer.

Intro About Mehwish Ali:

Mehwish Ali, a noted Pakistani novelist from Lahore, has gained prominence in Urdu fiction. Her distinct writing style blends realism with romance, often focusing on strong female characters navigating themes like love, family, and societal norms. Her debut, “Ishq Musafir,” and follow-up, “Meri Zindagi Hai Tu,” received acclaim, cementing her as a skilled Urdu fiction writer. Beyond novels, her impactful short stories have adorned literary magazines and earned her awards. Mehwish’s engaging narratives, well-defined characters, and insightful societal commentary highlight her promise in Urdu fiction. Her contributions extend to Urdu literary publications, solidifying her as a rising star in the field. Keep an eye on her as she continues to shine in Urdu literature.

Best of Mehwish Ali Novels List in PDF – Updated 2023:

Without any ado, below is the list of the most popular novels written by Mehwish Ali.\

1. Ehd-E-Ulfat:

Based, on socio-romantic theme, Ehd-e-Ulfat is first ever novel, which become the source of recognition for Mehwish Ali, and stands out from the rest in the best of Mehwish Ali Novels List.

Ehd E Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali

2. Junoon-E-Ulfat:

Sequel to Ehd-E-Ulfat, Junoon-E-Ulfat is another addition to his bright writing career and stands as a separate novel.

junoon e ulfat novel by mehwish ali complete
Junoon E Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali

3. Dasht-E-Wehshat:

Dasht-E-Wehshat is romantic novel, based on theme of love & breakup. It shows, that how it become difficult, when your loving one leave you.

Dasht E Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

4. Intehai Junooniyat:

Intehai Junooniyat is among the finest writings, and best of Mehwish Ali Novels list can’t be completed without it.

Intehai Junnoniyat Novel by Mehwish Ali

5. The Wex Wolf:

With a touch of thrill and action, The Wex Wolf beautify the best of Mehwish Ali Novels list. It is the story around 4 different characters.

The Wex Wolf Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

6. The BodyGaurd:

The bodyguard is yet another novel full of action, thrill and joy. It revolves around a very interesting action scene story.

The BodyGaurd Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

7. Eid Sang-e-Muhabbat:

Eid sang-e-muhabbat is a story based on socio-romantic theme. It adds beauty, maturity and fame to the best of Mehwish Ali novels list.

Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat Novel by Mehwish Ali

8. Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara:

The one that complete the list of Best Novels by Mehwish Ali is Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara, with a bit longer title novel. It is a socio-romantic novel revolving around a shy girl.

Tera Aashiq Mein Deewana Hoon Awara

Summary of the best of Mehwish Ali Novels List:

Mehwish Ali has proved herself the most famous writer of this time. Starting from a freelance script writer, she has engaged a large number of audience and groomed well of fan-following. Above is the list of the all of the novels written by her, one after the other.

However, again a quick best of Mehwish Ali Novels List of the novels is given below:-

  • Ehd-e-Ulfat (عہدِ اُلفت)
  • Junoon-e-Ulfat (جنونِ اُلفت)
  • Dasht-e-Wehshat (دشتِ وحشت)
  • Eid Sang-e-Muhabbat (عید سنگِ محبت)
  • The Wex Wolf (دی ویکس وولف)
  • The BodyGaurd (دی باڈی گارڈ)
  • Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara (تیرا عاشق میں دیوانہ ہوں آوارہ)

End Point:

In the end of the shared list of best novels by Mehwish Ali, I simply hope, that you will like all of the novels by the writer placed in one place for easy access. Further, move to download page of each novel from the button given against each. For all kinds of best novels, keep visiting us. Stay Connected and Stay Blessed.

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