Dasht-e-Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

Dasht E Wehshat (دشتِ وحشت)” is a touching Urdu novel penned by the well-known author Mehwish Ali. This novel delves into the idea of how small errors can lead to the breakdown of relationships, highlighting their delicate nature.

Dasht E Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

Summary of Dasht E Wehshat Novel by Mehwish Ali:

The central narrative of the Dasht E Wehshat novel revolves around a young boy hailing from a prosperous family, brimming with ambitious aspirations and grand objectives. His determination to realize his dreams is unwavering, propelling him to make considerable sacrifices. Amidst his relentless pursuit of these aspirations, he crosses paths with a young woman. Their connection flourishes into a profound love, and they share a mutual desire to unite in matrimony.

However, a pivotal juncture arises in their journey when the young man, compelled by his aspirations, makes the heart-wrenching decision to part ways with her. This decision, born out of his fervent pursuit of his dreams, creates a seismic shift in their lives. The novel beautifully captures the poignant emotions of young women who find themselves deceived by the actions of a self-interested individual. This heart-rending tale delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the unintended consequences of pursuing individual ambitions.

Dasht-e-Wehshat resonates strongly with those who have experienced the complexities of intertwining relationships and personal aspirations. Readers with an appreciation for narratives that blend social observations with romantic elements will find “Dasht-e-Wehshat” to be an excellent choice, providing a poignant exploration of the intricate balance between love and ambition.

Info About Dasht E Wehshat Novel in PDF:

Novel NameDasht-e-Wehshat
WriterMehwish Ali
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Revised)
No. of Pages1638
File Size62.1 MB’s

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