Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara by Mehwish Ali

“Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara” (تیرا عاشق میں دیوانہ ہوں آوارہ) is an Urdu novel written by well-known female author Mehwish Ali. The story revolves around a man who experiences intense emotions and excitement when he falls in love with someone. The novel combines romance and social themes to explore the depth of his feelings.

Tera Aashiq Mein Deewana Hoon Awara

Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara Novel in PDF:

At its heart, the Tera Aashiq Main Deewana Hoon Awara novel delves into the captivating journey of love and its transformative effects on an individual who finds themselves falling for another person, even when the challenges that person faces remain undisclosed. Within its pages, a tapestry of affectionate and enchanting moments unfolds, weaving together the lives of these two lovers in the throes of passion.

Yet, beyond the realm of romance, the novel also ventures into the realm of broader societal dynamics, family intricacies, and cultural nuances. This multidimensional approach enriches the narrative, offering readers a comprehensive exploration of not only the romantic relationship but also the intricate web of influences that shape the characters’ lives and the world they inhabit.

Info About Tera Aashiq Main Deewanا Hoon Awara:

Novel Nameتیرا عاشق میں دیوانہ ہوں آوارہ
WriterMehwish Ali
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (clear one)
No. of Pages878
File Size21.5MB’s

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