The BodyGaurd Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

“Bodyguard” (دی باڈی گارڈ) is an Urdu novel penned by the well-known author Mehwish Ali. The novel combines elements of romance, social issues, and thriller, depicting the tough life of a young woman as she navigates through various daily challenges.

The BodyGaurd Novel by Mehwish Ali in PDF

Summary of The BodyGaurd Novel by Mehwish Ali:

The Bodyguard novel’s plot revolves around a young girl who comes from a wealthy family. Despite her wealth, she faces the constant watchful gaze of several enemies who covet her riches. Feeling vulnerable, she longs for someone who can provide protection and wholehearted affection in her life.

Then, one fateful day, she crosses paths with a boy who genuinely cares for her well-being. He becomes her steadfast guardian, standing by her side through life’s twists and turns. The story unfolds with a captivating blend of suspense and surprises, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

If you have an interest in stories that mix romance, social issues, and thrill, the Bodygaurd novel is a must-read. It weaves together the complexities of relationships, the challenges of societal dynamics, and the excitement of suspenseful moments in a way that will keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

Info About The Bodyguard Novel in PDF:

Novel NameThe BodyGaurd
WriterMehwish Ali
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages597
File Size5 MB’s

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