Ehd E Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali

“Ehd-e-Ulfat (عہدِ اُلفت)” is a touching Urdu novel about love and promises, written by the renowned author Mehwish Ali. The story highlights the power of love and the significance of keeping commitments to build a strong relationship. It is considered one of the finest romantic Urdu novels.

Ehd E Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali

Summary of Ehd E Ulfat Novel by Mehwish Ali:

The story of the novel mainly revolves around a young girl named Taqwa, who recently got into medical college. As she goes about her life, she crosses paths with a boy who catches her attention. Over time, they develop deep feelings for each other and become a couple. Another important character in the story is Taqwa’s friend, Ayesha. However, Ayesha becomes envious of their relationship and starts causing issues between them.

The Ehd E Ulfat novel’s plot is captivating and keeps readers engaged from beginning to end. It sheds light on how people can sometimes become self-centered when they’re in love. It’s a story that explores the complexities of relationships and emotions. If you’re a fan of stories that blend romance with social themes, this novel is a must-read. It delves into the dynamics of friendship, jealousy, and the challenges that love can bring, making it an intriguing and relatable narrative.

Info About Ehd E Ulfat Novel in PDF:

Novel NameEhd E Ulfat
WriterMehwish Ali
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages1420
File Size13.5 MB’s

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