Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat by Mehwish Ali in PDF

Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat (عید سنگِ محبت)” is an Urdu novel crafted by the renowned writer Mehwish Ali. Within its pages, the novel weaves a tale that intricately blends the social and romantic aspects of life. The narrative vividly portrays the profound significance of the happiness derived from one’s affectionate connections. This literary work uniquely showcases the splendor of love amid the backdrop of the Eid festival, underscoring the enriching emotions that genuine love can instill.

Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat Novel by Mehwish Ali

Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat Novel by Mehwish Ali:

The novel’s plot centers on a young girl who is in love. However, the boy who cares for her comes from a middle-class background and needs some time to establish himself. Unfortunately, her family wants her to get married quickly and isn’t willing to wait for him.

This situation leads to various difficulties as she tries to make her family understand, and she’s willing to be patient for him. Furthermore, this novel is recognized as one of the finest examples of Urdu romantic literature. It’s written in a style that’s relatable and easy to understand.

Info About Eid Sang-e-Mohabbat Novel:

Novel NameEid Sang E Mohabbat
WriterMehwish Ali
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages620
File Size10.5 MB’s

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