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Haalim حالم” is a hugely popular Urdu novel written by the renowned author Nimra Ahmed. It’s a unique book in Urdu literature, and while it might be a new concept for Urdu readers, similar ideas have been explored in English literature before. The book was published by Ilm-O-Irfan publishers in May 2017.

Halim Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Download

Summary / Review of Halim Novel:

The story takes place in Malaysia and is all about “Time Travel.” It follows the lives of two main characters: a political leader named Van Fateh Ramzal and a con artist named Talia Murad. The story delves into their struggles, successes, fears, and strengths as they face various challenges in life. It shows how they learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward. There are also other important characters in the story, such as Layana Sabri, Adam Bin Mohammad, Asra Mahmood, and Ashar Mahmood.

“Haalim” is a novel that stands out in Urdu literature. Most Urdu novels focus on family, politics, or romance, but Haalim breaks new ground with its unique themes. Its popularity shows that readers are eager for fresh ideas and themes in books. Nimrah Ahmad deserves credit for introducing this new dimension to Urdu novel writing.

This novel is quite extensive in terms of pages like her other novels Jannat Ke Pattay, & Mushaf. If you enjoy lengthy novels, you’ll find it a delightful gift. However, if you prefer shorter reads, it might take some time to finish. Regardless, from start to finish, the story keeps you engaged and prevents boredom or fatigue.

In short, Haalim novel is a compelling story that makes you ponder your beliefs and imparts important moral lessons.

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Basic Info About Halim Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF:

Book NameHalim
WriterNimra Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition2nd Edition
No. of Pages1966 pages in Total
File Size56.62 MB’s

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