Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Download

“Namal” is a very popular novel written by a famous Urdu writer named Nimrah Ahmed. It was originally published in a magazine called Khawateen Digest in 2014. Later, in 2017, it was published as a book by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers.

Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Download

Summary / Review of Novel:

The novel “Namal” gets its name from a chapter in the Quran that means “Ants.” The story covers various social issues, but at its core, it’s about a murder case. The author was inspired by real-life cases, such as the murders of Shahzaib Khan and Kamran Faisal (a NAB Officer).

The main character is Faris Ghazi, an intelligence officer who’s accused of killing his step-brother, wife, and attempting to kill Zumar Yusuf. However, his nephew believes in his innocence and works to prove it once Faris is released from prison. The story revolves around murder and revenge after Faris is freed.

The characters in the story, like Hashim, Faris Ghazi, Zumar Yusuf, and Saadi Yusuf, are all very impressive and play important roles.

The Namal novel also incorporates quotes from Surah An-Naml from the Quran, blending its meanings with real-life events.

Nimrah Ahmed has become famous for her distinct way of writing. She tackles various and fresh topics in her novels. She has written a series of bestsellers like “Sans Sakin Thi” “Jannat Kay Pattay,” and “Mushaff.” Nimrah’s writing is so smooth that it grabs the reader’s attention right from the start and keeps them engaged until the end of the story.

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Info About Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed:

Book NameNamal
WriterNimra Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages1418 in total
File Size44.32 MB’s

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