Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem in PDF

Abdullah عبداللہ” stands as a renowned spiritual novel penned by the rising Urdu author Hashim Nadeem. This literary work has garnered significant attention and praise within the realm of Urdu popular fiction. Published by Jahangir Book Depot in 2009, it has earned a notable position as one of the most widely read and cherished novels.

Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem in PDF

Summary of Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem:

The core concept of the Abdullah Novel story revolves around a man’s journey from worldly love to true, spiritual love. The novel delves into questions about the nature of divinity.

The main character is a young man named Sahir, born into a wealthy family. He experiences an instant and intense attraction to a quiet and innocent girl named Zohra. While the story initially appears to be a typical romance, it diverges from the usual narrative. It’s not just about two people meeting, falling in love, getting married, and living happily ever after. Instead, the novel takes you into a realm where love goes beyond physical connection. It’s a world where love entails seeking and connecting with the soul of your beloved.

The author guides us through different stages of Sahir’s life, where he meets different people and has various experiences. A wise old saint named “Sultan Baba” is always with him, teaching him about the contrast between earthly love and spiritual love. Along their journey, we encounter many intriguing stories and characters that encourage us to think in new ways.

Hashim Nadeem’s way of writing is simple and easy to follow, making you feel like you’re carried along by the story’s flow. At the close of every chapter, he builds up suspense that leaves you curious about what happens next. This same smooth writing style can be seen in his well-praised novel “Khuda Aur Muhabbat.”

Info About Abdullah Novel in PDF:

Book NameAbdullah
WriterHashim Nadeem Khan
File TypePDF
Edition1st & 2nd Edition (Both Merged)

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