Jannat Ke Patty Novel in PDF by Nimra Ahmed

Jannat Ke Pattay (جنت کے پتے)” is a highly acclaimed socio-romantic novel penned by the up-and-coming Urdu writer Nimra Ahmed. This novel has garnered immense popularity among the younger Urdu readers. It made its debut in episodic form in the local digest “Monthly Shuaa” (ماہنامہ شعاع) from March 2012 to May 2013.

Jannat Ke Patty Novel in PDF by Nimra Ahmed

Summary / Review of the Novel:

The story of “Jannat Ke Patty” revolves around Haya Suleman, an LLB (Hons) student hailing from a traditional Pakistani family rooted in deep-seated ethics and values. She secures a scholarship to pursue her studies at a university in Turkey, and this decision triggers a significant transformation in her life. A touch of religion is intricately woven into the core narrative of the novel.

Nimra Ahmed transports readers on a journey, taking them from the bustling streets of Istanbul to the serene Bosporus sea, from the enchanting caves of Cappadocia to the harrowing confines of Indian jails. At times, the story proves so gripping that readers find it impossible to set the book aside. Yet, there are instances where the narrative appears unnecessarily protracted and drawn out.

Even if one skips a few pages here and there, the essence of the story remains intact. Enhanced editing could have further enriched this already remarkable novel. The most remarkable aspect of this novel is its conclusion. It keeps readers guessing until the very last page, with mysteries shrouded in secrecy throughout. A shocking plot twist awaits, one that is sure to leave your mind thoroughly astounded.

If you are a constant reader of classic Urdu literature, “Jannat Ke Pattay” may not align with your preferences. However, if you seek a socio-romantic tale infused with a touch of religion, Jannat Kay Pattay is for you. Similar to this, you may also love to read, Peer-e-Kamil Novel by Umera Ahmed.

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Basic Info About Jannat Ke Patty Novel PDF:

Book NameJannat Ke Pattay
WriterNimra Ahmed
LanguageUrdu / اُردو
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Revised)
No of Pages573 pages
File Size28 MB’s Approx

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