Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

Mehr-un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed ( مہر النسا ) is complete novel written by the well known author and urdu-writer of Pakistan, Nimra Ahmed. It is a romantic based novels that features the love and it’s related emotions of a man/women. At first, the novel was published as a episodic series story in the local monthly digest. But later, all the episodes were composed in a complete book form. It is one of the widely read urdu novel and famous among the readers.

Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF
Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

Story / Summary of Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel:

The plot of the novel revolves around the leading imaginary character named “Mehr-un-Nisa“. She loves with a boy named “Sarim“. Sarim is a young guy, who don’t care much about her. He takes her love as a joke, but she loves him more than any other person. As the story continues, Mehr Un Nisa keeps loving him, but he constantly ignore her. Meanwhile, she fell into bed due to illness and resultantly dies. When she has gone, Sarim realizes that how much she loved him. But now the time has passed and it was not use to become sad on it.

The story of the novel is gripping and keep its reader in-touch with it from the beginning to the end. Once a reader go through the whole story, it make them to think, how time changes, and they should care they loved ones. If you like to read romantic stories, definitely, it would be a great choice for you.

Nimra Ahmed, a well-known Urdu writer, needs no introduction for Urdu readers. She has achieved remarkable success in a short span, creating popular novels like Haalim, Namal, Mushaf, and the timeless Jannat Kay Pattay. This website provides a collection of all Urdu novels by Nimra Ahmed for readers to explore.

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Info about Mehr-Un-Nisa Novel by Nimra Ahmed:

Book NameMehr Un Nisa (مہر النساء )
WriterNimra Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of pages34
File Size7.5 in total

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