Raja Gidh Novel by Bano Qudsiya in PDF

Raja Gidh راجہ گدھ” is one of the most amazing and famous novels written in the Urdu language. It’s widely read and people really like it.

Raja Gidh Novel by Bano Qudsiya in PDF

Summary of Raja Gidh Novel by Bano Qudsia:

The main idea of the novel is about finding out why people go crazy. The author, Bano Qudsiya, tries to figure out this answer by looking at how people act during different parts of their lives.

The main person in the story is a guy named Qayyum. He’s from a regular background and grew up in a village. He really likes a girl named Seemi in his college, but she likes another guy. Seemi doesn’t feel the same way about Qayyum, and because of this, he goes through different parts of life while thinking about it.

The author, Bano Qudsiya, also talks about what’s considered right and wrong in religion, like what’s allowed (Halaal) and what’s not allowed (Haraam).

The book feels sad and the characters’ stories are full of hopelessness. The conversations and storytelling are strong and make you think deeply. Sometimes, you might wonder if it’s too strong for its time.

If you like regular love stories, this book isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you enjoy reading about how people act in society, deep thoughts, and religious ideas in a made-up story, then you should definitely read “Raja Gidh.”

Info About Raja Gidh Novel in PDF:

Book NameRaja Gidh
WriterBano Qudsiya
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Revised)
No. of Pages562
File Size9.87 MB’s

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