Wo Mera Hai Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF

“Wo Mera Hai” (وہ میرا ھے) is a novel written by the famous female writer Nimra Ahmed. It tells a story about society and highlights various social problems. Initially, it was published in a women’s magazine called Khawateen Digest, and later it was released as a regular book.

Wo Mera Hai Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Summary / Review of the Novel:

The novel is about various social issues in our society, particularly the challenges faced by women in Pakistan. It portrays the difficulties women encounter in their everyday lives and how they have historically been denied their rights. Additionally, it sheds light on the flaws in our family system and suggests ways to make it better.

The story is captivating and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. It leaves a strong impact on those who read it. If you enjoy Urdu stories that explore social themes, this novel is a good choice for you.

Nimra Ahmed, the author of this novel, is well-known to Urdu readers and has achieved a lot in a short period. She has written many popular Urdu novels like “Paras” “Namal” “Haalim” and the timeless “Sans Sakin Thi” You can find all of Nimra Ahmed’s Urdu novels on this website.

You will also like to read the similar novels like Intehai Junooniat by Mehwish Ali, Zindagi Gulzar Hai by Umera Ahmed, and Meray Jeeny Ki Wajah by Tania Hashmi.

Info About Wo Mera Hai Novel by Nimra Ahmed:

Book NameWo Mera Hai
WriterNimra Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition / Status1st Edition
No. of Pages28 in Total
File Size3 MB’s

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