Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel By Umera Ahmed

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“Band Kawaron Ke Aage” (بند کواڑوں کے آگے) is a novel penned by the acclaimed female author Umera Ahmed. This book delves into a socio-romantic tale that explores the emotions and sentiments of individuals who give up their thriving careers for the sake of love.

Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel in PDF:

The novel revolves around a young boy named Ahsan who has recently started college. He’s studying at the intermediate level. During a college event, he comes across a confident and beautiful girl named Rabail, who is a senior student studying for her graduation. Ahsan falls head over heels in love with Rabail from the moment he sees her. Despite his passion for cricket, Ahsan’s life takes a fortunate turn when he gets selected for a junior international cricket team. This brings him popularity in college, but his feelings for Rabail remain strong.

However, a critical moment arrives in Ahsan’s life where he must choose between his love for Rabail and his budding cricket career. The author skillfully presents the challenges and obstacles that love can present. This touching story leaves a lasting impact on the reader’s mind, particularly those who enjoy tales of love and society. If you have a fondness for socio-romantic narratives, this novel is highly recommended.

The author of this novel, Umera Ahmed, is recognized for offering a distinctive viewpoint on various social and cultural facets within our society. She holds a prominent position among the widely read and highly praised Urdu novelists. Her writing approach is exceptionally clear and seamless. In her works, she consistently highlights societal problems and deficiencies, capturing the readers’ focus.

Info About Band Kawaron Ke Aage Novel by Umera Ahmed:

Book NameBand Kawaron Ke Aage
AuthorUmera Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Ever
No. of Pages25 Pages
File Size4.7MBs (Approx)

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