Parizaad Novel in PDF by Hashim Nadeem

Parizaad Novel پری زاد” is a love and social Urdu novel created by Hashim Nadeem. It was initially released in parts in a local weekly magazine and was later published as a physical book in 2014. Recently, Hum TV has turned this story into a TV drama with the same title.

Parizaad Novel in PDF by Hashim Nadeem

Summary of Parizaad Novel in PDF:

“Parizaad” is a captivating Urdu novel that chronicles the life journey of a person from their formative years as a child through their transition into youth.

This individual grapples with not only financial hardships but also the weight of societal judgment regarding their physical appearance, which doesn’t conform to conventional ideals. This unfortunate circumstance results in consistent mistreatment, as their looks and economic status subject them to adversity throughout most of their life.

As they progress through life, the profound sense of solitude they experience becomes more pronounced. Despite yearning for affection and companionship, their attempts to forge meaningful connections are repeatedly thwarted, leaving them in a cycle of abandonment. However, the course of destiny takes an unexpected twist, bestowing upon them sudden affluence and widespread recognition.

Yet, the narrative raises a thought-provoking query: Does the newfound opulence and fame hold the power to exorcise the haunting ghosts of their past? Can these external changes pave the way for them to secure love and tranquility within themselves? To uncover the intricate expedition undertaken by Parizaad in their quest for love and inner serenity, one must undoubtedly immerse themselves in the pages of this compelling novel.

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Info About Parizaad Novel by Hashim Nadeem:

Book NameParizaad
WriterHashim Nadeem Khan
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Revised)
No. of Pages4.9 MB
File Size236

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