Wapsi Novel by Umera Ahmed in PDF

Wapsi (واپسی)” is a set of three TV dramas written by a well-known author named Umera Ahmed. These three dramas talk about different problems in our society when it comes to love. In 2017, a TV channel turned one of these stories into a TV show.

Wapsi Novel by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Wapsi Novel by Umera Ahmed:

Inside this book, you’ll find three stories. Each story talks about a different thing and teaches us important lessons about life’s challenges and truths.

The book contains the following stories:

  1. Wapsi (واپسی)
  2. Sauda (سودا)
  3. Libaas (لباس)

The story of “Wapsi” is based on the English novel “Shrike” written by Pakistani author and playwright Yasir Shah. All the stories are captivating and offer valuable lessons. If you enjoy romantic stories with a touch of social themes, this book is a great choice for you.

Umera Ahmed is a renowned Pakistani author known for her impactful novels and storytelling. Born on December 10, 1976, in Sialkot, Pakistan, she has achieved widespread recognition for her thought-provoking narratives that delve into various societal and emotional issues.

Umera’s writing often revolves around themes of love, faith, and the complexities of human relationships. Her works have gained immense popularity, not only in Pakistan but also among readers of Urdu literature worldwide.

With a distinctive ability to create relatable characters and engaging plots, Umera Ahmed’s novels have been adapted into successful TV dramas that have further expanded her influence and reach. Her contributions to literature have earned her numerous awards and accolades, establishing her as one of the leading contemporary writers in the Urdu language.

Basic Info About Wapsi Novel: (Drama)

Novel (Drama)Wapsi (واپسی)
AuthorUmera Ahmed
LanguageUrdu / اُردو
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Compact)
No. of Pages180
File Size2.2 MB’s

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