Ghar Aur Ghata Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

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Ghar Aur Ghata (گھر اور گھاٹا) is a novel written by the famous female writer Umera Ahmed. It’s a story about society and has some funny parts too. It appeared in a monthly magazine called Mahnama Pakeeza in 2009. This is considered one of Umera Ahmed’s top short stories.

Ghar Aur Ghata Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Ghar Aur Ghata Novel in PDF:

Ghar Aur Ghata Novel tells a funny story about problems in our society. The main characters are Amma Bakhte and her daughter-in-law Rafiya. They have a shop but struggle with math and lose money every day. This causes arguments between them.

The story is captivating and keeps readers engaged with its funny plot and conversations between the two main characters. If you enjoy Urdu stories about society, this novel is a great option.

The author of this novel is Umera Ahmed. She’s famous for showing various parts of our society and culture in a special way. She’s one of the most popular and praised Urdu writers. Her writing is really clear and perfect. In her books, she makes people notice bad things and problems in society.

Info about Ghar Aur Ghata Novel by Umera Ahmed:

Below is some of the essential details of the book:-

Novel NameGhar Aur Ghata
WriterUmera Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages
File Size

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