Shaheen Novel by Umera Ahmed in PDF

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Shaheen (شاہین) is a popular series of stories created by the well-known female writer Umera Ahmed. It’s an exciting collection of adventure and mystery thrillers that are released as episodes. The characters remain consistent throughout the series, but each story focuses on a different topic, taking the characters on epic adventures.

Shaheen Novel by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Shaheen Novel by Umera Ahmed:

The story of the novel begins with a young boy named Shair Dil Sherazi. He really enjoyed reading detective stories and watching movies. People around him encouraged him, saying he could become a spy himself. He would read about different crimes in newspapers and watch them on TV. Then, he would follow these cases on the internet until they were solved and the bad guys were caught.

His guesses about who the criminals were often turned out to be right. His best friend was Ahad, and Nayab was his cousin. They were in the same class as Shair Dil. Both of them knew how much Shair Dil loved solving mysteries. Together, they decided to create a spy team called Team Shaheen. This team had many exciting adventures and faced challenges as they solved various cases.

Umera Ahmed has written many novels, including ones with romantic and social themes. However, this novel stands out as one of her best works. If you’re looking for a unique adventure story, you should definitely give this novel a read.

Umera Ahmed is a renowned Pakistani writer known for her diverse literary works, including social-romantic novels and gripping thrillers. Her storytelling prowess and ability to delve into complex human emotions have earned her widespread acclaim. She is celebrated for creating compelling narratives that resonate with readers.

Info About Shaheen Novel in PDF:

Novel NameShaheen (شاھین)
WriterUmaira Ahmed
File TypePDF
Novel TypeEpisodic

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