Qaid-e-Tanhai Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

Wanna read some novel in social and romantic theme? Free Download Qaid-e-Tanhai Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed. Also, read out the summary below with short storyline description.

Qaid-e-Tanhai (قیدِ تنہائی)” is a Urdu drama about social and romantic themes. It was written by Umera Ahmed. The story was turned into a TV series with the same title by a Pakistani TV channel.

Qaid-E-Tanhai Novel by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Qaid-E-Tanhai Novel in PDF:

The plot of Qaid-E-Tanhai novel revolves around two main characters, Moiz and Aisha. They are a deeply in love couple and happily married. However, their situation changes when the family goes through financial difficulties. To help the family, Moiz has to travel to London for work to improve their financial situation.

With Moiz gone, their strong love for each other remains, but they can’t be together every day. This situation is common in many Pakistani families. The story highlights the difficulties families face when a family member goes to work in another country.

If you enjoy romantic stories with a touch of social themes, this is a great and quick read. Umera Ahmed is a well-known Pakistani author celebrated for her impactful and engaging storytelling. Her work captures the essence of human emotions and experiences.

Info About Qaid-E-Tanhai Novel by Umera Ahmed:

Book NameQaid-e-Tanhai
WriterUmera Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition
No. of Pages300
File Size8.05 MB’s

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