Thora Sa Aasman Novel in PDF by Umera Ahmed

Thora Sa Aasman (تھوڑا سا آسمان)” is a novel penned by the well-known female author Umera Ahmed. The story revolves around both love and societal problems, shedding light on the issues prevalent in our society. This novel has gained immense popularity and was even adapted into a TV drama. First shown on PTV and later on the major private channel Har Pal Geo in 2019, the show garnered a large audience and became quite popular among the viewers.

Thora Sa Aasman Novel by Umera Ahmed

Summary of Thora Sa Aasman Novel in PDF:

“Thora Sa Aasman” is a novel written by Umera Ahmed, showcasing her remarkable storytelling. The story unfolds in various directions, converging towards the end. While there are numerous characters, only a handful will capture your interest.

The novel’s charm lies not just in its characters but also in its narrative style. It delves into themes like infidelity, betrayal, conspiracy, selfishness, and piety. The characters’ lives are shaped by their morals and values, rather than just their circumstances.

The novel features a blend of characters leading distinct lives in separate worlds, eventually intertwined. Initially serialized in the Khawateen Digest from February 2001 to May 2006, it later found its way into book form.

In every book she writes, Umera Ahmed brings attention to fresh problems and subjects. In this instance, she addresses fundamental matters in the story. The manner in which she explores a variety of themes is truly remarkable. Her exceptional writing style, along with a captivating plot and characters, combine to cast a spellbinding influence over the narrative.

Info About Thora Sa Aasman Novel by Umera Ahmed:

Novel NameThora Sa Aasman
AuthorUmaira Ahmed
File TypePDF
Edition1st Edition (Revised)
No. of Pages776
File Size16 MB’s (Approx)

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